Solution for Ghost

  Ghost image solve

  The ghost image is happened by the lifetime decrease. When you light on a static image in display, every pixel's brightness is different. So the lifetime is becoming different. After a time , the high brightness parts's lifetime is lower than other parts. As following image.




  Static image ghost imgae

  This phenomenon will happen in every active display.

  In some system

  The normal image may be as following image;

  As the imgae show, the black area’s brightness less than the white’s area. So the the black area’s lifetime decrease less than the white’s area. After a time ,the brightness will changed between the different part. So when custom light on a white pattern the ghost image will happen as following image.

  How to solve the problem:

  1. Light on a white pattern with a high brightness to decrease the brightness difference.(This method is suit for the phenomenon is very sight)

  2. Light on a reverse pattern that making the ghost image.

  As following image:

  We have done a test of this method in the display. We light following pattern with high brightness for about 5hours.

  Now the ghost image phenomenon is reduce as following image:

  We will continue to do this test.

  How to aviod the ghost.

  1,Aviod to display a static image for a long time.

  2,Ues the low brightness.

  3,Logo,corssline,menu can disapear when don't need to use. And the menu, corssline ues the low contrast image

  For example:


         1  1


  4,Reduce the contrast of the static image.

  We suggest the brightness need to be setted as low as possible. less than 70nits(enough to observe in near eye optics) .

  The ghost image is a common phenomenon in OLED, especially in Micro-oled . Because the display used very high resolution in very small area. The material is the hardest part, now the lifetime is restricted by the material .so When use the OLED need to aviod the staic image. And do some protection to aviod the phenomenon.

  We are trying to improve the lifetime of the OLED,but in Active emitting ,the ghost image is a certain phenomenon,need some protection in using the display.