Precautions for OLED Microdisplay

  Precaution for Use of OLED Mircodisplay

  1. Do not touch the bonding/encapsulation area of the display, and the frame of the silicon slice.




  The shadow region is bonding/encapsulation area

  The black outline is the frame of the silicon slice.

  2. Please wear antistatic gloves or finger cots to avoid damage and pollution to the display which may happen in operation.

  3. Any chemicals including acid solvent/regent, alkaline solvent/ regent, organic solvent/ regent (such as ethyl alcohol, acetone, and diethyl ether) etc. are strongly forbidden to be used to wipe or contact the display. Lens paper, cleaning cloths or purified water are recommended to wipe the glass cover of the display.

  4. Power up sequence: The display requires first VCLK, then 1.8V, finally 5V.

  5. Ghost/ sticking image may be shown on the display due to the luminance difference between pixels caused by showing a static image or icon for long time, since OLED mircodisplay is an active emitting device itself.

  6. Being an electrostatic sensitive device, please pay attention to ESD (electro-static discharge) in operation.